I have been living in the San Diego area for a few years now, but Eric and Torrance Transmission is still my go to place for really big or specialized jobs. Think about that for a moment...I am over 120 miles away, but still willing to make the journey to have them work on my cars! How is that for a loyal following?! The simple reason is I have built up a 10 year working relationship with Eric and his shop and trust them to provide great service, do excellent work, and charge fair prices. My Hummer H2 was approaching 115,000 miles when the oil pump pressure relief valve was starting to go and finally gave out. This caused it to stick open and prevented the engine from being able to build up oil pressure. I then started to hear the scraping, scratching sounds from the engine...this was bad. It was time for a new engine. I had always planned on putting a new engine and transmission in the H2, but it was always just a matter of timing and cost. Well this latest problem forced the issue. One call to Eric at Torrance Transmission and we got all the details worked out. He took real good care of me on such a big job. I had the H2 shipped up to Torrance from San Diego. The crate motor arrived and Eric's crew pulled the old engine out. They transferred over the needed parts after cleaning them (intake, throttle body, etc.). At the same time the transmission was pulled and received a full rebuild. During this whole process, Eric and I stayed in touch over email and phone. And mind you I still had not physically been at the shop this whole time... that's how much I trust them. From start to finish it took a little over 2 weeks. I sent a bunch of new parts that I figured would be a pain in the ass to change out later and they happily installed those for me as part of the engine R/R (remove and replace) process. I have done many engine swaps in my day, mostly on the sports cars, but this one was the easiest, quickest, and smoothest. The first time I set foot in the shop, during this project, was to pick up the Hummer. She ran so smooth and quiet. The shifts were solid. I saved labor money by doing the trans at the same time as the engine. And with all the recent major suspension work done, this Hummer H2 is now mechanically a brand new car. It's a been a few hundred miles since picking up the H2 from Torrance Transmission and she is running great! Thank you Eric and Torrance Transmission for taking care of me and a big job well done!
Morgan C.
I own a vintage truck that Eric and the crew at Torrance Transmission do work on. I have had all kinds of repairs including a completely redone 700 R transmission, 12 bolt rear end, also a new radiator. After their repairs, the truck is always in incredible condition and is a top notch drive. With an antique or vintage vehicle, it's hard to find mechanics that understand just what to do. Eric and his mechanics know what they are doing.
Larry E.
Finally a shop I can trust!!! Eric is VERY honest! He worked on both of my cars and I was very happy with ALL his work. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone who needs engine work or transmission repair.
Tom Z.
Used Eric’s service twice now. Both times I was very satisfied. He is quite knowledgeable. If it’s not too bad, he’ll tell you that, not gouge you. If it’s bad he’ll tell you everything you need to decide what you want to do. He uses good parts, has fair prices, and gets the job done in a timely manner. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.
Lora B.
I've been coming to Eric for over three years now he has done custom as well as maintenance work on my truck. I can trust Eric and his team of AAA mechanics to do the job right the first time every time. His rates are very reasonable. Eric is very understanding when I make my appointments I always have to wait for my truck and Eric is fine with that most places frown on that they don't want you to see what they are doing or not doing. Eric is trustworthy I never question his workmanship on my truck he dose the things most mechanics won't do the little things he takes care of with no charge. Do yourself a favor bring your vehicle to Torrance Transmission and see Eric, you will not be disappointed.
Ulysses L.
I was referred to Torrance Transmission by my wife's mechanic (of 50 years) who said that was where they get their own transmission work done. I'm glad I did. Had a tow truck drop the Isuzu Rodeo off, leaking fluid all over the bottom of the car. Eric said he thought he knew the problem and it was a $150 estimate. Next afternoon he called to say it was ready. I know a lot about cars and auto mechanics but nothing about transmissions. He educated me a bit. The price was $10 more than the estimate.. Good work for a good price. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Reggie K.
I have come to Torrance Transmission twice and have had a pleasant experience every time. The first was to have my transmission flushed and serviced. This most recent time was to have a rattle noise check which ended up not being the transmission. Eric was able to listen to it and fix the problem and only kept the truck one day!
Angie M.
I would like to compliment you and your extremely clean transmission repair facility on another job well done. There are so many alleged "professional" transmission service companies here in the South Bay including those franchised, uneducated ones that many of my clients refuse to have any transmission work done due to the dishonesty of these overpriced establishments. This is NOT the case with every single referral I have sent to Torrance Transmission. The clients who retain my company, MCM (My Car's Matters), know we will provide the services and advice required so they, the car owner, will receive nothing but the best in overall vehicle maintenance. With this high demand of "near" perfection MCM will ONLY use the services which have proven themselves trustworthy. Eric, your facility, Torrance Transmission, has received the highest ratings possible from us. Each client is able to report on the repair facility, before, during and after the service, to us directly. Here are some of the reasons Torrance Transmission received MCM's top ranking: Integrity, Prompt and polite service, well-maintained service bays and professionalism. Thanks Eric-MCM will keep those transmission services head in your direction!
Jim G.
Torrance transmissions were highly recommended to me, I had a difficult differential to fix, was told that most shops sent them across Los Angeles for competent workmanship. I was told a dream shop would be able to rebuild it in place for half the cost, but virtually no one had the expertise to do it, especially on an Xterra. Torrance Transmissions pulled it off... I had a terrible experience with a national franchise transmission shop in Harbor City that charged me $4200 to fix it, and ended up fooling around on something else instead. Now it will take months to try to get my $$ back. Eric at Torrance Transmissions was on the phone with me every few days keeping me updated, and pretty much finished in the 10 days he projected--not that the job took that long, but getting the parts took time. Take your car here, not to the places where half of the Yelp! reviews describe in detail how bad those places are.
Rock S.
My 1997 Toyota 4Runner with only 110K miles was having engine problems. I took the Toyota 2 shops which specializes on Toyotas and a Meineke shop next door before trying Torrance Transmission Service. The 2 Toyota specialists gave me an estimates which were significantly higher than Torrance Transmission. One shop told me I would need a valve job and that the cost would be $1800. The Meineke shop next door to TT had a horrible attitude. The Meineke had very poor customer service and I gave up on them after only ten minutes of interaction with their service representatives. Eric Bailey the President/Owner of TT took a professional systematic approach and found the problem was not a valve job but foudn that a spark plug was not functioning properly. TT replaced six spark plugs with OEM Toyota spark plugs. However, this did not quite do the job. From there TT tried to clean the fuel injection system which did not do the job either. After a series of tests and attempts to keep costs down TT found that replacing the fuel injection system made my Toyota 4Runner run strong and securely. All the work that TT did cost less than a third of the valve job quoted to me by a Toyota Specialist Shop. I believe that TT operates in a mode of honesty and integrity. I highly recommend TT for your automobile repair needs. TT does complete automotive repair and not just transmission work on both domestics and imports. TT is now my new Toyota specialist. Thanks for the good work on my 4Runner is running strong and I am very pleased with their work. Thanks Torrance Transmission!
Sung P.
Great job here. Eric immediately diagnosed my sticky clutch as a small leak in the clutch line.. tracked down the part and scheduled me in. From the moment I arrived I could see these guys were pros.. I would recommend being patient.. they always seem to have a busy shop full of cars.. another sure sign of good business. I wasn't overcharged.. nor sold a new clutch when I didn't need one and the price was fair. Always coming back here for transmission issues. Thanks again guys.
great business to do business with, Torrance Transmission Service worked on my truck and Transmission. They did exactly what they said they would do 100%, In the time frame that they said they would do it in, at the quoted price. Good business honest and trustworthy I would use t hem again !
Jim J.
Dealership quoted ridiculous price for what was a simple repair. Eric worked a solution that got me out for a fraction of the dealer repair price. They were fast, honest, explained things and showed me faulty part. Run away from dealership to this shop for transmission work. I'm going to bring in my other car for electrical work based on other reviews here.
Fred S.
I have so much praise for Eric & his team!! The best customer service since I've been in the LA/Torrance by far & very thorough. Everything has been checked & replaced (even my battery). Eric gave me 3 solutions - new, used parts or sell the car. He really wants what's best for his customers.
Gemma H.
Brought in a car for a clutch job. Eric quoted fair price over the phone and turned it around in one day.
Eric D.
I don't understand why everyone doesn't take their vehicles to Torrance transmission. Eric is first-class and the work done always exceeds what you would otherwise pay triple for at a dealership. I believe these people know more about automatic transmissions than the people who invented them.
Joey C.
I came here a few months ago to have my transmission fluid changed in my 2009 Toyota Corolla. I showed up a few mins early to my appointment but was still taken right away. All together everything took no longer than 1.5 hours. This is an honest place to take your car, they gave me a quote over the phone on how much the service would cost and when I came in a few days later they stayed true to their price quote which was very reasonable. If I have to change my transmission fluid again or have any problems w it I would definitely come back here. As a woman I have felt taken advantage when it comes to pricing at other auto repair shops and mechanics, but Torrance Transmission has my trust.
Service was great! Had to get a full rebuild and they took care of it quickly and everything is working just fine. I first went to several other places and the prices were about the same but the shops were a mess with a bunch of old broken down cars everywhere and they just didn't feel right. This place they were professional and felt like they were not trying to rob me. Would definitely recommend.
Koby C.
Over the years my family has taken many cars to Eric at Torrance Transmission, never have we ever felt anything but good vibes from the Team at Torrance Transmission. Always honest about the time and it's always good time, remember sometime parts need to be ordered. Quality of the work done on all my vehicles has not changed since the beginning, 10 out of 10 to the local shop.
Jacob G.
I thought I'd save myself some money and do a simple transmission fluid change, (wrong). I ended up taking it to Eric to do all the things needed in a complete fluid exchange. I have been taking my truck to Eric for over three years now he's done special modifications on my truck for very reasonable prices and his work is done by AAA mechanics. You can trust Eric will do a great job for a great price in my case whenever I need work done on my truck I just call ahead of time and Eric accommodates me by scheduling the service so I am able to wait at his shop until the work is complete. I appreciate that very much since I don't live close to his shop. If you need a great mechanic to work on your vehicle where you don't have to worry about it being done right call Eric, you won't be disappointed.
Ulysses L.
This is the second time in 7 years I have used this shop. Both times Eric gave me a spot on estimate of diagnosis and cost to repair. He handled everything like the pro he is with clear accurate explanation of the problem, solid work, timely completion, and fair pricing. I was fully satisfied the first time which is why I came back. After a week my car seems perfect. He even tightened my loose 1/4 panel and secured some trim for Free. Just a really good guy! I would recommend his services to anyone.
Lora B.
I have used Torrance Transmission as my local repair shop for years now. Eric and his crew do excellent work! This place is more than just transmissions, they do all sorts of auto repair work. A very honest shop and they go the extra mile for their customers. I have had them do a little bit of everything for me over the years from basic stuff to performance upgrades and even experimental projects. I have a number of cars from sports cars, to race cars, to SUVs and I trust this shop to do the work. Just go by the shop on any given Monday and you will see it is full of cars. All the locals know this is the place to bring your car. And when you walk around the shop there will be regular cars there and often you will also see 1 or 2 hot rods as well. I wrench on cars myself a lot...I mean hell, I got a 4 post lift in my garage, but when I need work done that I don't have time for or don't want to deal with...I trust the work to Torrance Transmission. And you know how we gear heads are particular about who works on our cars
Morgan C. Updated Review.

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