How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Transmission?

Our Transmission Repair Shop Explains What Makes Your Repair Costs Higher

Many vehicle owners dread the day where something goes wrong with their car or truck. Certain vehicle issues can be expensive to repair. Transmission and engine repair costs can be pricier, than say, an oil change. However, how much it costs to repair a transmission depends on the circumstances.

There are various issues that may affect a vehicle’s transmission. Additionally, certain vehicles may have higher repair costs. Continue reading to learn more about what influences the cost of transmission repair.

The Make and Model of the Vehicle

Certain manufacturers may have higher repair costs. This may be due to the prestige of the brand and the availability of parts.

If you have a US manufactured vehicle, then it might be less expensive to repair a transmission issue. Imported vehicles might cost more due to the availability of parts.

The Type of Transmission

Does your vehicle have an automatic or manual transmission? Manual transmissions may cost less to repair or replace than automatic transmissions.

Automatic transmissions generally have more parts. However, your driving style and other factors could influence the overall cost regardless of whether you have a manual or automatic transmission.

Whether Your Car Is Old or New

You are much more likely to have an easier time finding replacement parts for a new vehicle. If your vehicle is very old, then it will likely be more difficult to secure replacement parts.

The Issue Affecting the Transmission

The issue affecting the transmission has a strong influence over the repair costs. If your transmission suffered extensive damage, then the repair costs would be higher. The opposite may be true if your vehicle’s transmission suffered a minor issue.

If your vehicle is on the newer side, regularly maintained and the issue isn’t a serious one, then the repair costs could be much lower. The types of repairs that are necessary to resolve the transmission issue will influence the cost. Minor issues, such as replacing a damaged seal or valve, would be less expensive than replacing or completely rebuilding the transmission.

The Condition of Transmission Replacement Parts

In addition to availability, the condition of replacement parts may also affect the cost of transmission repair. Cheaper spare parts may lower the repair costs of your vehicle. Whether the part in question is an aftermarket part or used part could also affect the cost.

Your Location

Your location could affect the cost of repairing a transmission. If you are in an area with a higher cost of living and higher population density, chances are you will be paying more for repairs. This is especially true if there is a higher demand for services and fewer skilled technicians available to make repairs.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Transmission? Bring in Your Vehicle and Find Out

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